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Social Media for Social Change

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South Africans spend a lot of their online time on social media sites with two of the most popular sites being Facebook and Twitter. With the majority of our time spent online on social networking sites, why not use that time to share with our family and friends the issues we find interesting and concerning? Here is how you can use your social media platforms for social good:

  • Follow organizations that you like on your favorite social sites.
  • Follow topics and conversations that are important to you with hashtags on Twitter. (Try #poverty or #hunger.)
  • 'Share' posts that you want others to know about on Facebook.
  • RT (re-tweet) important information you see on Twitter that you want others to know about.
  • Start your own conversation on your blog, Facebook page or Twitter hashtag.
  • Join in on another conversation happening about the topics you're interested in.
  • Follow other blogs with topics that you're interested in.
  • Share videos that you have seen from organizations with your personal social sites.
  • Tell others what you are interested in to see what information they might have on the topic.
  • Believe that if we all join in to keep the discussions about hunger and poverty going, that it will make a difference.

If you haven't already, check out HPSA on Facebook and Twitter.