The Eastern Cape is one of the poorest provinces in South Africa with more than 70% of the population living below the poverty line. Poverty, unemployment, prevalence of HIV/AIDS, and lack of basic amenities are all challenges experienced in the project area of the Eastern Cape Province. This project started in July 2012 with 402 members and is located in the Amatole Basin of the Eastern Cape. The Amatole Basin is a deep rural area consisting of 13 villages.

All project members have been trained in vegetable production, livestock management, HIV, basic business skills and HPSA values. Three hundred and fifty (350) families are currently eating vegetables every week from their home gardens. 13 mini-nurseries have been constructed and on average three types of seedlings are being produced per mini-nursery every month. Families are managing their chickens using the free range system with little supplementation. Eggs produced are consumed, sold and some allowed hatching and producing chicks that will be transferred to new families. Total number of chickens distributed to 252 project members to date is 7560. So far 480 goats have been delivered to project members. 

This project is supported by:

  • UKAID (Department for International Development)
  • National Lotteries Board
  • WesBank Fund


Project Families402
Female Project Members286
Male Project Members116
POG Project Members201
Male POG Project Members63
Female POG Project Members138
Total number of people benefitting from the project2010