In Every Challenge We See Possibility for Change

It's easier than you think to create incredible positive change in the world. We've seen significant strides made in ending hunger and poverty just in the last 20 years. And research shows that when investments are made in the world's 2.6 billion small-scale farmers, agriculture can make twice the impact on poverty as growth in other areas.

If we can help increase the productivity of these small farms, our farmers will be the ones feeding the world. But these small-scale farmers need support in more areas than just on their land. That's why we work to provide access to education, improved sanitation, better water sources—things that will provide better health, more income and, ultimately, a clearer path out of poverty. The improvements in these areas are undeniable.

HPSA Project Map

HPSA operates in Limpopo, Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal.