Sukuma Poultry Project

Sukuma poultry project started in 2011 and is located at Mabheleni area which is 50km away from Port Shepstone town, south coast of KwaZulu Natal. This project is comprised of 172 members (170 women and 2 men). This project is operating at Mabheleni community under the following villages Thafeni, Nothintwa, Ncazolo, St William and Gubhuza.  The project goals are to improve nutrition and livelihood of their families by increasing income through farming practices, caring for the environment and adopting sustainable horticultural practices, increasing entrepreneurship skills and self-reliance and increasing HIV/AIDS and gender awareness in Mabheleni village.

All project members have received trainings and five thousand one hundred and sixty Boschveld indigenous chickens have been distributed at the point of laying to 172 families with each family receiving 20 chickens.  To date, 635 chickens have been passed on so far. Vegetable gardening has been going on well in the project.

This project is supported by:

  • Heifer International


Original Project Families172
Female Project Members170
Male Project Members2
POG Project Families317
Male POG Project Families69
Female POG Project Families248
Total number of people benefitting from the project1295