Corporate Partners


See how our partnerships are making an impact to help end hunger and poverty.

Nepad Business Foundation

HPSA partnered with Nepad Business Foundation in 2014. This partnership was entered into on the need to strengthen ties between the public and private sectors in Southern Africa. The Southern African Agricultural Development Partnership Platform (SAADPP) is an initiative by Nepad to strengthen these private sector ties. HPSA is now on the SAADPP subcommittee: Capacity Building for Capacity Builders, to promote Incubation Hubs as a tool to connect smallholder farmers to the formal markets. 

Spur Foundation

The Spur Foundation partnered with HPSA to help fund our Blouberg project in the Limpopo Province as well as partnering with HPSA to celebrate Mandela Day. On the 28th of July 2013, Spur sent several employees to volunteer their time by assisting HPSA's staff to deliver goats to families at our Zusiphe project as well as to assist planting seedlings in the mini nursery and vegetables in the elderly project members’ gardens.

Dow Chemicals

Dow Chemical’s generous funding of our KwaZulu-Natal projects has greatly enhanced our work, in particular our Zusiphe project located near Nkandla. The Dow Chemical employees have also taken a personal interest in our HPSA projects and have visit several times in an effort to truly understand the serious issue of hunger and poverty which these communities face on a daily basis.


In March 2014, 8 PepsiCo employees volunteered for an entire month in HPSA’s Blouberg project. Situated in the rural Capricorn district of the Limpopo Province, these eight employees from across the globe spent the month working with HPSA’s Farmers Business Association, Community Animal Health Workers and Bee Keepers in an effort to enhance their leadership and business skills as well as providing HPSA with high-level reports on ways to improve the commercial aspects of our projects. This was an extremely beneficial initiative for both HPSA’s staff, the Blouberg project members and the PepsiCorps employees themselves.

Employees Community Fund of Boeing

The Employees Community Fund of Boeing have generously provided funding to assist HPSA in the scaling up of the Zusiphe project in Nkandla. The original Zusiphe project worked to alleviate over 200 families out of poverty, with the new Nkandla Scale-up project aiming to assist roughly 2000 poverty stricken families through improved livestock production, the contributions made by the Boeing employees to this ambitious project will help change the lives of many.