Take up the challenge with HPSA! Run a marathon, cycle in a race, give up chocolate for a month or collect five cents from everyone you know.

Choose your challenge, set your target, recruit your family and friends to join your team, raise money and support HPSA’s mission. To join team HPSA please sign up below or visit our page on GivenGain here and sign up as an activist. Don’t forget to let us know you’ve joined the team, so that we can help support you and recognise your contribution!

Expedition 720⁰

At Expedition 720⁰, we chose HPSA to support us on our expedition because of their exemplary vision and reach around the world. We aim to join as many of the various HPSA projects en-route, around the world as possible, thereby taking an active step in contributing to their global vision of alleviating poverty and hunger. HPSA not only provides needy families and communities with skills and resources to better their own lives, but also instils a sense of community and accountability with its charity model. This unparalleled grassroots level of involvement simultaneously inspires change, while tangibly making a difference in the lives of all those it touches, principles we at Expedition 720⁰ share. In achieving our long term goal of global circumnavigation, from East to West and Pole to Pole, we will not only be breaking 4 Guiness World Records, but, also inspiring others to follow our example and care for the world by lessening their individual carbon footprint (by consuming less fossil fuels and less commodities), reaching out to the needy and in doing so reconnecting with the world.